About Us

Rugby's National Fundraising Body.

The Australian Rugby Foundation (also known as the ARF) was established in 2014 as the sport’s National Fundraising body, raising funds to make Rugby a Game for All.

With the aim of driving greater investment in Rugby across all levels from grassroots to the elite level, we exist to support those who participate in the game and those who cannot; within the framework of five strategic pillars.

  • Grassroots participation
  • Women in Rugby
  • Indigenous Rugby
  • High Performance Rugby
  • Elite junior development

The ARF generates funds through the ARF donor program, encouraging philanthropic giving to the ARF (tax deductable through the Australian Sports Foundation), Domestic and International events which increase engagement throughout the Rugby community and Targeted cause promotions.

If you would like a PDF of any of our brochures, please email admin@rugbyfoundation.org.au with your request.

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