Get Into Rugby

Get into Rugby Schools is an inclusive fun skills program providing pupils with the essential skills to prepare for a healthy and active lifestyle and move into other rugby formats.

The program has free classroom and field curriculum aligned lessons for teachers. Click here to access your Sporting Schools grant and have Get into Rugby delivered in 2019.

What is Get into Rugby Schools?

Get into Rugby is non-contact and provides the 'first taste of Rugby' for primary and secondary pupils through 3 channels;

1. Get into Rugby ‘Classroom Resources’ are relevant and useful for Australian teachers. The resources are linked to the current Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education (AC:HPE) Resources are composed of four different themes; Diversity, Heroes & Heroines, Fair Play and Health.

2. Get into Rugby 'On The Field' is a 40 minute session designed to be taken outdoors. Students learn skills through interactive activities building their confidence to a level where they enjoy a non-contact Touch 7s Carnival in the final week of the program.

A comprehensive resource of skills based physical literacy activities are available for teacher delivery or you can request a Rugby Australia accredited Get into Rugby Deliverer to look after all the field components, ensuring a fun and informative experience for your students.

3. Touch 7s is the non-contact format of rugby promoting, energy and inclusiveness for all skill-levels.

The Touch 7s Carnival D.I.Y pack will allow you, your colleagues, students or volunteers to run the awesome mini-event.

Sporting Schools

Rugby Australia is a Sporting Schools partner!

Rugby Australia is excited to grow children’s lifelong love of sport, and in-an-effort to do so we have partnered with the Sports Australia (former ASC) to get kids active and engaged before, during, and after school hours.

We are delighted to be involved with working closely with Australia’s schools, teachers, coaches and parents to nurture the next generation’s commitment and love of sport now, and into the future.

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